The COLD is coming! Smart tips to retain your natural glow during the winter. | Massage and Skin Care Solutions
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The COLD is coming! Smart tips to retain your natural glow during the winter.


With the winter chill setting in, it’s time to bundle up! But as you are covering yourself in layers, make sure your body’s outermost layer isn’t ignored. Skin and hare care routine differs in summer from winters. Human skin loses 25% of its ability to hold moisture when it gets cold. Both the weather and pollution can take a toll on your skin, and make you look dull. It is extremely important to take precautions. If you have dry skin in winter you can applying olive oil evenly. Olive oil can protect the skin from free radicals caused due to exposure to sunlight and locks in the moisture. A gentle massage with 2 teaspoon all over the body regularly could make the skin soft and supple. If you have oily skin is the result of overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous glands which releases an oily/waxy substance to lubricate skin. During winters, over-washing or scrubbing can lead to excess sebum secretion in the skin. Tea tree oil combined with grapeseed oil could benefit your skin in balancing sebum production, and maintain a normal skin tone. Winters make your scalp dry and hair frizzy. This further leads to hair loss and dandruff formation. When your scalp/hair is not washed regularly or not lubricated with oil, dry and dead skin cells show up in the form of white flakes i.e. dandruff. Tea tree oil is the best choice to treat a dry scalp, and keep dandruff away.

Source: The Economic Times