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How to sneak in a Massage this Holiday Season

Last-minute gift shopping, preparing an amazing holiday feast and entertaining the family can mean Christmas time is one of the most hectic times of the year. The good news? You can sneak in some much-needed ‘me time’ with a relaxing massage. Make sure you treat yourself to a Massage this holiday season. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Take a long lunch

Book an hour on your calendar just for yourself. A massage, will wind you down after a long day. Tailored to your needs, your therapist will help you unwind, de-stress, and relax!

Make it a girls night out

If you’ve got to meet the girls but can’t think of anything worse than shouting over each other in a packed bar, then why not get a group massage? Kick back and relax, and let your Massage therapist treat you all to a relaxing massage. Our Relaxing Massage is the perfect way to de-stress, unwind and chill out. Using light, flowing strokes and high-quality oil, your massage therapist will carefully release your muscles and calm your nervous system. It’s a gentle, nurturing massage for when you and your pals need a little rest and relaxation.

Hangover Cure

Is there any greater way to nurse a hangover than with a massage? We didn’t think so!  Massage is the hangover remedy you’ve always wanted. It supports the lymphatic system, which plays an instrumental role in protecting you from infection and disease. It’s also completely natural. No need to take drugs like aspirin, which can thin the blood and tax your already overloaded liver. Massage boosts your immune system. During a hangover, your body is full of toxins, and your liver, the organ responsible for breaking them down, just can’t keep up. Massage will help you clear your blood of all the poisons you put into it this holiday season. Hangovers also mean headaches. A massage is a great way to increase circulation, which also pushes blood to the brain, easing pesky headaches caused by your hangover. The only real cure for a hangover is time and rest. A massage helps your body relax and heal itself. So go ahead and have fun just make sure to book a massage to cure that hangover afterward!