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How to Pamper Your Skin Using a Body Wrap

What are body wraps?

As the name suggests, the process involves literally wrapping your body with plastic sheets or thermal blankets to detoxify, rejuvenate and moisten the skin. Some wraps are also said to reduce inches off your body—but that’s just temporary.

How are the wraps done?

Any body wrap begins with skin exfoliation. Then, the product is applied and you’re eventually wrapped (torso, legs, arms and legs) with plastic, towels or thermal sheets. There are several types of body wraps—detoxifying, hydrating, slimming etc. to name a few. So, the products vary accordingly.

You relax with the wrap on and once the time is up, you’re unwrapped. Then, either a lotion is applied or take a shower.


Body wraps offer a wide range of benefits. Detoxifying body wraps are done with a variety of ingredients like clay, seaweed etc. These ingredients help draw out impurities and toxins from your body. Hydrating body wraps use creams and gels to add intense moisture to your skin. The thermal sheets/plastic/towels help these ingredients penetrate deep into your skin. When it comes to cellulite reducing, slimming body wraps, the parts of your body are tightly wrapped with the plastic such that you sweat. Remember that these are just temporary benefits and only your water weight will reduce. Basically, they won’t burn fat. These are perfect to do if you’re attending a wedding or function.

Types of Herbal Body Wraps

The number of herbal body wraps available out there is pretty much impossible to count. These wraps can be divided into four main categories:


Moisturizing herbal body wraps specifically target the skin of your body.

These wraps usually use lotions and ingredients similar to green clay that have absorbent properties. This helps nourish the skin and makes it look clean and fresh.


These wraps are used to detox your skin from all the impurities and make it look good as new.

The ingredients used in these herbal wraps usually get inside the pores of the skin and become inert, which helps in efficient skin cleaning.


In these types of wraps, smaller strips of specific material or cloth are wrapped on different body parts after applying the herbal mixture.

Slimming wraps help in tightening the skin and shedding few temporary kgs of the body. These effects are temporary.


This is when there is a dimpled appearance on skin that people have on their hips or thighs.

These wraps help in temporarily vanishing these marks by plumping up the skin

Do Herbal Body Wraps Work?

The primary question, do they work? Not quite hard to answer. The answer to this product is, surprisingly, yes.

Most of the spas and products of herbal body wraps are sold under the benefit label of detoxification and weight-loss.

Or whether this weight-loss is permanent or temporary?

The research that we have conducted goes to show that yes, these herbal body wraps do tend to help in detoxification.

These herbal wraps are mostly applied to the skin, and so they assist in the skin detoxification by cleaning the skin and pores to their very depth. So yes, they do help in detoxification.

Herbal body wraps do work well with the skin. There’s no doubt that these herbal wraps aid in nourishing the skin.

The ingredients that are used in these wraps may not all have a scientific back to support their claims, but we believe the research and reviews do show that herbal wraps work well in skin treatment and cleansing.

Benefits of Herbal Body Wraps

There is no doubt that herbal body wraps come with a bunch of benefits.


This is by far the most likely benefit that comes with these herbal body wraps. When these herbal wrap treatments are taken in a spa or salon, they’re mostly done in a very dark and relaxing environment.

There’s no doubt that the time spend while being wrapped up in these herbal body wraps in worth cherishing and gives a very calm and tranquil feeling to the body.

Skin Detoxification

Aestheticians do concede that the ingredients used in herbal body wraps do tend to pull pollution and dirt out of the skin. Reviews by customers also tend to be very confident regarding skin detoxification effects.

Weight-loss and Cellulite

Most of the people who choose to get these types of body wraps are preparing for an occasion or event.

So, if you’re looking for an immediate decrease in cellulite and weight, giving these herbal body wraps a try might not be a bad option.

The wrap could thoroughly make your pores and skin look tighter or purpose you to lose a few pounds of water weight.

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By: Vaishnavi Thakur